Isolated: The Zo'é tribe (part 1)

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The tribe Zo'é shows his way of life and their perception of the world. We will know the identity of this isolated village through their daily actions, we will see how is your relationship with the environment around them and with their own kind.

We will live for several months along with 184 members of this ethnic group, one of the last groups living in the countryside, ignoring our history and reigning over the Amazon jungle for centuries.

This series (Amazonia: Last Call) travels across Brazilian landscapes by way of one of the main links still binding the essence of humanity with the Earth: the Amazon.

The filming of the first point of contact with an isolated race, the Zo'E, the encroachment on areas of the Amazonian forest previously uncaptured on film, the evidence relating to the development of the illegal trafficking of species or the recording of the immeasurable value of Brazil's natural spaces; these are just excerpts from the series.

The underlying theme is the conflict between the development and conservation of one of the key natural areas underpinning the stability of the planet.
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Text Comments (2422)
Tony smith (2 months ago)
I love the hippie assholes you sit there and b**** about modern
conveniences and say we should look more like them bullshit if you want out
then leave the country go live in the middle of the rainforest and stop
bitching about our capitalism wars bombs Electric running water health care
hospitals medication Holmes heat. Yeah really if you dont love America then
get the f*** out
Shpoogy noogy (1 month ago)
why do they put that stupid thing through their lip? its dumb 
D.MYST (4 months ago)
Nothing like picking ticks off dads dick
Dua Khal (5 months ago)
Why do they call these people primitive? I think they are more human than
most of humanity.
Lotjaletto (5 months ago)
POLLUTION AND BOMBS AND POVERTY and capitalism and industrialism and
poisoning and mass-slaughtered meat fed with antibiotics and white
privilege and wars and 9-5 jobs and mental illnesses and toxins and oil and
are the cause of global warming and...
PlayrSlayerz (9 days ago)
Why was the thumbnail of a group of woman jerking some dude off?
Blueshogun96 (5 months ago)
Let indigenous tribes live in peace, and stop pitying them because they
aren't slaves to jobs, governments, corporations, and technology. They are
doing just fine without clothes and iPhones. Face it, the majority of
people in the 1st world couldn't survive on the technology and services
they have become dependent on. It's good to have, but the comments meant
to shame primitive tribes here are pathetic.
Narwhal Nation (1 month ago)
@Jack Cooper That's a racist statement right there, all men are created
equal. as far as I see it blacks seem to think they are better than whites.
Please, think before you type/talk. After all, a black man did die for your
rights, be happy. 
Crystal Paynter (4 days ago)
Wow, it's amazing, shocking and sad to read such ignorant and intolerant
comments about this documentary. You attempt to compare their culture to
ours, but you do so very poorly, as you think it is all about measuring
which culture is better. That isn't the point at all. The study of cultures
can be fascinating if passing judgment is avoided. To say the tribe is
primitive makes a judgement that is only based on your own cultural
reference. It may very well be there are components of this small tribe's
culture that transcend our mores and values. It all has to do with how a
set of people interpret their existence on the planet.

Being so very isolated, they have been able to maintain their cultural
values, or to gradually make changes over the centuries that come to be
better for the group. It seems a shame, though, the tribe was "visited" by
outsiders. Exposure to the outside world can impact the tribes' culture.
How might they interpret seeing that plane land and take off again? All of
the trappings the visitors brought of their own culture - their clothes,
video equipment, skin color and language, perhaps cellphones and other
electronic items, are likely to make some changes to the tribe's way of
seeing the world.

Some of the young people might be intrigued enough by what they've seen to
one day leave in search of that world when they grow older. They might
return with cell phones and other things not of their native culture. I saw
another documentary in which such things happened. This tribe, too, lived
their traditional life without wearing clothes. Now the young people get
dressed and ride motorbikes to jobs in a city. Some have established
residences away from their tribal home. How long until the group there
dwindles down as the elders die off and younger members move away?
Will that scenario come to pass?

That is just a bit of what cultural study is about. It involves observing
without judgment what a tribe or another group of people do to take care of
the basic needs that are common to all humans. It also observes rituals,
religious expression, tangible artifacts (tools, cooking implements), foods
eaten, language, crafts or artistic expression, non-verbal communication,
music and more of the people in question.
Laoup26 (2 months ago)
25 M of views. However, those guys don't give a fuck about us, our debats
or our opinions.
Korry Harrison (13 days ago)
Its like there starting a new OMG! They are us like 2,357
years ago! Just think of what they will become in 2,357 years......not
joking just think e.e
Yellow King (11 days ago)
The height of African civilization.
Fatandy5250 (2 months ago)
They're not primitive. They just live like humans did 20,000 years
ago...which is the definition of primitive. 
Asgar assagaf (1 month ago)
hahahahah, what a crazy culture
they never use a brain so they just be like that for a centuries
the primitive egypt can build pyramid, people in this video don't know how
to make clothes, it so funny when some of people in comment admire them?,
every culture that I've seen this is the worst, they live with their
instinc like an animal
Starlette Rowland (25 days ago)
So wait.... this is still racist as fuck! They show them naked like
animals. Nat Geo and Discovery channel out here Displaying them because
they are considered uncivilized.... like wild dogs. This is just another
form of slavery. I bet that someone would Get fired if they showed
barenaked people in the united stated outside enjoying themselves...
SpookyScarySkeleton (1 month ago)
they are fucking gross the women are fucking ugly and i wouldnt fuck any of
them and why the fuck are they wrapping there dicks theyre cutting off the
blood stream so that will kill them and what the fuck is up with that ugly
retarded tube through their bottom lip it looks fucking ugly and gross
these monkeys dont deserve to live in the modern world
Amanda Moore (2 hours ago)
cannibalism yuck
BurnRoddy (22 days ago)
So... they have ticks but they don't have fleas?
Taylor Rapo (2 days ago)
"these are images that shouldn't trouble us" what about the vegetarians?
people are so ignorant 
Ogi Yulendo (9 days ago)
You all animals with clothes and silly thing like I-Phones. these guys is
really human. they live hundred years in peace were they of life such a
hunting, fishing, cooking without technology. 

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